We arrived in Tokyo at 3:05 pm on September 14th.  The time space until now has been mind blowing, inspiring, complex, intense, surreal, and absolutely amazing.  Japan, more specifically Tokyo thus far, is all that and more than I ever imagined.  Let me rephrase, Tokyo is far more than I ever could have possibly imagined.  I cannot even begin to describe it here.  (That is what my random stream of life consciousness Tumblr http://felixthethirdrock.tumblr.com is for ).  What I can say is that everything for our art shows and the live performance at Shinjuku JAM is well on track and underway.  The gods of art, community, and purpose have smiled upon us and I have made it to a place in the physical as well as spiritual that before now had only existed for me in dreams.  Here are some photos to share with you of the amazing old school industrial paint store (very small spot) I found near Asakusa (the old Edo period center of Tokyo) where I found the majority of the supplies I will be using here, as well as food and some other random images.  Updates of my fellow artists and the Live PA I am doing with Ken from Ken South Rock will be coming tomorrow and Sunday into our first show at Ichy's Gallery on the 18th.  Arigato Gozaimasu! Matane'!

This paint is amazing, and was suprisingly cheap.  Live Painting Shinjuku JAM here we come!

Art Supplies for the Live Show purchased so far!  This store was seriously awesome and the older man that owned it was incredibly fun to try to converse with.  We both spoke mostly with random words and hand motions, but we totally understood each other and were able to fully joke around and get excited about paint colors and quality and price etc... Was a really cool experience.

I want this, I want to own this and hang it outside on the exterior of my new apartment building.

Food is art!  In Japan this is an understand. Master of Soba!

Someshine clothing now in Tokyo!!! Watch for my T-Shirts coming out from Someshine very soon! TWNY

Ken from Ken South Rock, strolling through the back streets of Shinjuku!  A true rock hero!