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In the Studio...


2013-08-06 02.29.33...making a ton of new work as Littlefield prepares for my Triangle Magic solo show October 4th, and I continue to make work for my Superchief Gallery Solo Show in April!  I am really enjoying what is coming together and I spent a gung ho weekend in the studio making new abstract panels ready for line are the finished pieces thus far and some studio shots!  The brainscapes have been up and down, smiles and frowns, and like all things worthwhile, I find myself going from intense anxiety to calm acceptance and enjoyment of the moment as well as reflection on the steps of creating that have been explored.  This sort of ebb and flow of mental and emotional states really has always shown me how work is involved in a multi dimensional, truly human conversation with myself, the world, and despite moments of fear and anxiousness the work always is a breath of fresh air as it nears completion and the resolution is felt within.  Each piece is a life and exhibits growth in and of itself and I love that about art making. 2013-08-15 23.00.58

astoknot study one Moonshine Babies untitled 1 Untitled 2 2013-08-17 23.56.12

2013-07-27 01.43.38

2013-08-15 18.28.08