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Triangle Magic Flyer So there is a lot coming up...first off I have some older and newer works going into a show at the Ian Ross Gallery which opens on the 27th.  There will be a V.I.P. opening on the 26th that I will be attending, but I won't unfortunately be able to make the big opening on the 27th due to a trip to the East Coast for my cousins wedding...I will post the info about the show at Ian Ross Gallery soon.


In other news, Triangle Magic is looking great.  I am almost finished with all the works, just doing the details at this point and getting ready for my week of insanity that will ensue in New York City.  Expect a lot of photos from this trip as always.  The show will also be Littlefield's representation for the Gowanus Open Studios.  I am very, very proud to have been hand picked for this exhibition and to be representing Littlefield for the Gowanus Open Studios.  Thanks Julie Kim! Here are some images and press info on the show (downloadable press release is at the bottom of the this post).  It is at Littlefield (622 Degraw St.) in Brooklyn just at the foot of Park Slope. I am really excited...Opening ChristyReclamation

The work for Triangle Magic is a very new a fresh direction for me.  While it does completely exist within my world of Unstoppable Tomorrow, using signs and signifiers from my body of ammunition, the way in which the narrative aspect is portrayed, the idea of relics that are actually, or were actually used in ceremony, and the entire approach to the thinking and making of them shows a new turn and a new re-inventing of my process.  I am very proud of them and feel that they are a great first step into a widening of my scope of creation, and an expansion of my intention and thought behind my art.  The intention that lays within the making of them is a bit different from my hard hitting, figurative, representational work.  I truly enjoy how the viewer really can continue to make their own experience out of them with more freedom (much like, and more so even, than the work in the SFMOMA) than the highly spoon fed narrative work seen in "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" and previous shows in that vein.  This is a departure from representation, and an emergence into abstraction and chain of thought steeped in process and ceremony.  See you there...more to come! IPD Some of All


For Downloadable Press Release Click the Link  JFAIII Triangle Magic