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Upcoming Experiences!

Excited to announce that I am going to have a piece in the upcoming Stephanie Chefas Projects Group Show entitled "Selfie". I will be dropping a new piece entitled "Alignment" next week on social media which will be represented in the show.  I wrote an insightful, albeit thorough (as fuck haha) paragraph about the context for the piece and for where I seem to have found myself these days. 'In the last year of self discovery many moments have seemed to engulf me in their fullness and seeming unending intensity.  The truth is that feelings, thoughts, states of being whether it be fear, joy, uplifting momentum, painful drowning, relief, darkness, amazement all are simply temporary moments within our humanity and our connection with the universal and one another.  No state of being is a forever moment, I feel that even death in the end is simply a doorway to another dimension or state of our energies path through time and space. I have ebbed and flowed through some very intense pockets of being that at times felt permanent, or unending in the last year.  I have worked through ghosts and the effects of my own past that finally were meant to be unwoven and dissected and confronted.  And always with every stage and step a larger feeling of connection and a vision of the balance of the spiritual center amidst all things, one entity yet part of all entities is what I can see and feel.  This piece is truly a self portrait of being and perception at the convergence of so many different elements of existence. It encompasses a visualization of the unseeable as well as tangible aspects of being, not consumed by any one feeling or way or thought.  Just a moment amidst the intersecting energies and landscapes of the soul and psyche to see the beauty of it all in alignment, of it all just as it is meant to be at this certain moment. A freeze frame of all that makes up the passing of time and my place in the forever undulating universal architecture of energy.  Even Tetsuo's rebirth was not a place of permanent pain, but a doorway to let his unending explosion of energy become right sized and fluid in a new state of existence, in the next dimension and stage of his alignment.' -JFA III

Also I will be having a yet another new piece showing with the wild animals of Good Mother Gallery in Oakland.


More Than Just Time

I will be leaving to go to Denver on September 8th, less than two weeks from now.  Damn, it's been a whole summer already. I have been back from the East Coast since the end of February and I feel like a lifetime has passed by.  I am very happy with the work that is going to be show at my project space solo with Black Book Gallery, and very curious to see how people connect with it.  It finds much more simplicity, to me a new sense of clarity, and a certain meditative vibe to the whole endeavor... I will post more soon.. More Than Just Time EFlyer 2

This coming Friday, October 3rd, "No Destination" @ FFDG, SF

It is officially coming down to the wire.  The work is finished, the stage is set, the sound is almost ready, and I install on Tuesday at FFDG in the Mission!  I cannot even believe that I am about to wrap up 8 years of living in the Bay Area with a solo exhibition at the gallery I have dreamt of working with since I arrived here.  Life works out in funny ways when we continually put our best foot forward, work as hard as we humanly possibly can, and appreciate all that is around us, or at least try to as much as possible.  D Young V had a show called Make an Effort once, and I have to agree, make a fucking effort!  When we do life opens up and gives us more, well, life to live.  Deeper, more intense, more thorough experiences, both good and bad, but none the less, life.  I am into it, I am here to live it, from West to East.  Anyway, I'll close this babble up.  I looked through a bunch of old Blog posts that reminded me of how much energy and passion has gone into the last four years and all I can really say is, Fuck Yes, it is only just getting better! Come to my show this Friday, or will you miss some awesome shit! Screenshot 2014-09-28 14.51.09


No Destination Flyer two copy

Saturday, May 10th, Pilgrimage @ Shooting Gallery SF

Motocycle close up straight on headset I am beside my self.  It has been about a years worth of a journey.  Hot off of the heels of the "Excorrigia : The Scourge" Solo show at Superchief in NYC I just had with Superchief, I present to you the other side.  The opposite side of existence and the journey forward.  I present "Pilgrimage" at the uber famous San Francisco staple, Shooting Gallery!  I have partnered with Paxton Gate on this amazing show.

Motocycle 3 quarter left side close

They have supplied me with bones, skulls, and really awesome news, they have officially procured a taxidermy warthog that will be part of the central sculptural installation piece of the show! We are already getting all sorts of press for the show, including an awesome interview piece from Sjimon Gompers at Impose Magazine, Tracy Jones at The Microscopic Giant, and the show is in print as part of the hot picks of the week in the SFWeekly as well as on their website.

Charting Future Past

The opening is going to be killer, there are other openings in the White Walls/Shooting Gallery complex the same night that are all going to be incredible.  Here are some images of work to look forward to seeing in person in the show.  I am in the home stretch and tomorrow will see the final realization of a lot of hard work and love for what I do.

Findings- The Harbinger


Invite the Glow



Look Back to BRIC "Art Into Music"


So I just realized as I am getting ready for the show at Superchief show that I never put up the final images from the BRIC Arts Media House show I created an Installation for in February... there is some great press coverage on it from Fecal Face and Juxtapoz from the show and the opening.  Many thanks to the trio at BRIC of Jenny Gerow, Elizabeth Ferrer, and Eric Araujo for making it all happen, and Space Meow for performing live inside the piece at the opening.  The Juggs Band with Kareem Bunton will be performing at the close on April 27th.  Here are pics of the final product and the opening.

So Much is On the Way...

I am happily getting ready for three major happenings in my life right now.  All are art exhibitions.  First I will be a part of the BRIC Arts "Art Into Music" Exhibition in Brooklyn, NY opening February 19th.  I will scavenging and materials and building a site specific installation in the exhibition space at the new museum complex that will incorporate a stage for performances and listening stations to listen to each of the contributing artists play lists that inspire them.  Mega Cool! Screenshot 2014-01-22 13.20.23


Then its back to Oakland for three weeks as I prepare for my cross country trip to NYC and my solo exhibition Excorrigia / The Scourge at Superchief Gallery opening on April 3rd.


Fuujin : Mixed Media on Wood Panel : 18"x24"

And then finally it is back to the Bay once again to finish up the Shooting Gallery solo Pilgrimage which I am happy to now announce will also mark the beginning of a new partnership with the amazing Paxton Gate.  A number of pieces will feature bones and items sourced from Paxton Gate to help to realize the vision of Pilgrimage and continue to a partnership will into the future!!! This is going to be an amazing year!

See Through the Sun

See Through the Sun : Mixed Media on Found Object : 2014



This is my new interpretation of a post apocalyptic Raijin created by the scribe of the The Scourge in the saga of Unstoppable Tomorrow.  Birthed from the carnage and idol worship of this divergent tribe, The Scourge has chosen to embrace their blindness, ignorance, rage, fear, denial, and stubbornness.  They are mutating and evolving into a state of animalistic regression and blood lust.  A place of power hunger and force as the desolate world around them and those they encounter continue to scream and rot in their presence... RaijinRaijin the Scourge : 24"x24" Mixed Media on Wood Panel : 2013

Historically Raijin is a force of nature and part of the Japanese Buddhist lexicon of spirits, elementals, and deities.  He is one of two guardians of the Buddha itself, and has been assigned as the god of lightning.  Here Raijin has taken a turn with reference to the Scourge.  The depiction, crude, bizarre, amorphous and abstract is produced by the scribe of the Scourge tribe so it in no way is a literal visualization of Raijin.  It is instead a visualization of an actual Astroknot that came crashing through with lighting and electricity exploding from its guts.  The icon is meant to instill a  feeling of pure wrath and objective destruction that reigns chaos upon those in its grasp.  This neo interpretation of Raijin is an ever roving, undulating, god sized hurricane of devouring expansion and chaos.  Stay tuned for further updates about the Scourge.


Putting in Work!

So I haven't updated since July 4th weekend.  A lot has occurred since.  I am going to be in New York City on October 1st to do a show at one of my favorite places to show art, Littlefield NYC in Brooklyn's Gowanus neighborhood.  The show will be called Traingle Magic and the opening is either going to be October 3rd or 4th...more concrete info coming next week with a press release.  This will be my second show at Littlefield and I am incredibly happy that asked me back, especially since they asked me to be their representative artist for the Gowanus Open Studios weekend October 18th - 20th. 2013-07-21 10.05.38 2013-07-21 13.00.45

In other New York City news, I will be doing a Solo Show at the awesome Superchief Gallery in the Lower East Side in April, 2014!  I am incredibly stoked about this and it will be a full on Unstoppable Tomorrow ragefest, bloodbath, Astroknot filled rad time!  Okay so maybe not literally a bloodbath (or might be??? who knows), but getting to show at Superchief (who just did the Vice Magazine Photo Show which to me is a rather big deal and they showed one of my favorite artist homies who I respect a immensely Coby Kennedy recently) is pretty damn awesome to me!  These guys show crazy, cutting edge, left field, fun, no holds barred, weird art that I really, really dig, so being part of it all is a blessing to me!  Because of this and Littlefield I suddenly had a huge energetic rebirth into my studio and have been painting my ass of literally.  Here are some studio images.  Oh and SFMOMA is still running too...that makes me happy as hell!

2013-07-22 23.35.37 2013-07-27 12.04.22 HDR 2013-07-25 20.46.46 2013-07-27 01.43.38 2013-07-25 00.44.13 2013-07-25 10.29.25 2013-07-25 10.29.34 2013-07-25 10.30.09 2013-07-25 10.30.18 2013-07-25 10.30.30 2013-07-25 10.30.48 2013-08-06 02.29.36 untitled 1 Untitled 2 2013-07-27 11.03.27 2013-07-08 19.32.32 2013-07-28 20.46.45


I made it back in one piece (physically, emotionally, mentally) from Minneapolis as I was there for a month for work.  I have more to post that will come soon, I have been very busy since I got back.  Also I have been selling some older work to some great people and that always keeps the train moving down the track.  So all in all things are great, and here are some photos to prove how epic the time in the studio has been!  See you again soon!