Untitled October 4th 2018

There is a lot to be done on this evolving website. A lot of new changes to be made and projects to be reshot and new visions to be posted. A lot is on the horizon including a show in Durham, North Carolina in two weeks titled Anime Mixtape at Runaway. Here is some artwork that is in the show… we’ll catch up soon you and I. -Felix


Print Release, Monday 03/19/2018, Noon, Light Power

I am releasing two prints with House of Roulx today at noon (eastern standard time). Two of my favorite works from my catalogue, Goddess and Grow Forward. There are 10 Hand Embellished Variants of Goddess, signed and numbered, 12 Standard Signed and Numbered prints of Grow Forward, and 3 more Hand Embellished Variants of Grow Forward also signed and numbered. These two pieces were both breakthrough works, and this print release is no different. I look forward to doing more and more of these as my work continues to grow. If you enjoy my work and are able, please do grab these prints as they are very limited and full of life and new energy.

The link to purchase at noon, 03/19/2018, est is ...



Time Bandit

So I am going to continue to make myself write a piece and pair it with images. I have been thinking a lot lately about the temporal nature of existence against the reality that change is constant but our energy is infinite, I believe at least.


Portrait of Julie Moon, shot by John Felix Arnold III, 2013

Portrait of Julie Moon, shot by John Felix Arnold III, 2013

The Worm

A rhythmic writhing inside of the bellies of time,

The hunger growling's of a soul devoid of the acknowledgment of it's need to explore,

Gaining momentum as clarity becomes the gateway for an onslaught of beauty,

The hairs on the back of my neck stand up as the worm collects itself at intervals inside of my soul and the center of my chest,

The preparation for the compulsion become drive become open hearted connection,

The table of bounty strewn forth in shifting moments,

But still the pulsing energy of the worm,

Still the omnipresent power of creation finds its avenue from freneticism to calm fusion,

A see through shear cloth, pierced nipples and a smile of exhibitionist glee,

open to the fireworks of inspiration,

Smiles of clock blocking stop time and let the worm weave itself into itself,

I rip my stomach out and embrace the worm as my mind rises from my skull and fuses with the starry night sky,

Rising off the tarmac to greet the next challenge and find the next thread of raw power.


Winding Through Darkness, Nude Portrait, John Felix Arnold III, 2015

Winding Through Darkness, Nude Portrait, John Felix Arnold III, 2015