Dumpling Time SF

Tonight, May 19th, 2017, a rad little restaurant in San Francisco's Mission Bay area opens to the public. It is called Dumpling Time and is the brainchild of fast moving SF restauranteur Kash Feng and his interior designer Aya Jessani. I was commissioned to paint a big beautiful 22'x7' piece inside the restaurant specific to the mission and background of Dumpling Time but with my signature flow and style bringing it together in a way that only a Bay Area artist could provide. Go check it out tonight and eat some killer dumplings and peep my large piece as it wraps you up in its world.  Dumpling Time is at 11 Division Street in San Francisco CA. 



It was a serious pleasure working along side Aya and Kash and chef Edgar to create this and I look forward very much to working with them in the future. It means so much that they support artists here in the Bay Area as so many big entities and new business do not. Big thank you across the board and I am very happy with the result. I will be doing a professional photo shoot of this piece (been crazy busy out of town as of late) but here are some photos of the piece for you viewing pleasure for the time being.