Littlefield NYC ParkLife BROOKLYN

I had a blast, an absolutely wonderful time in New York at the end of April painting the new piece for Littlefield's new food venture Park Life. Here are a few shots. Julie and Scott, the owners, were once again amazing hosts and gave me the time and space and support to do a killer job. I look forward to coming back there to paint something new next year. The Littlefield fam has held me down for years now and I owe them a huge amount of thanks and love. Definitely proof that we all do this together. Here are some images. They will be opening pretty soon. Updates on the opening to come.

Park Life Detail 4.jpg

More detailed adventure post to come soon detailing the last four months of life, art, travel, food, weird shit, friends, lovers, robots, Unicorn Gundam, Thunderbolt Gundam, hot sauce, Bobba Tea, Bubble Tea, sneakers, spiritual exploration, strange thoughts, transcendental meditation and beyond...