Love is Love, Love is Love Love

franks deli I have been meaning to sit down and write a new post.  Studio is a go in NYC, found a beautiful and great sized work space in Bushwick on Cypress between Troutman and Jefferson.  It is really funny because it is down the street from where some really good buddies of mine moved back in 2004 and my oh my has the hood dun changed.  Really wild, but that is evolution and if there is one single constant about New York City it is that is changes very quickly all the time.  Apartment is also checked off the list for a few months which is wonderful.


All and all things are shaping up well despite the normal anxiety and depression and constant process of letting go, acceptance and willingness that goes with any big changes and moves in life.  It really is a beautiful thing to be coming to terms with a lot of things about myself as an artist and person, about my relationship with my home city of Durham, NC, about my relationship with New York and about my relationship with California at this point.  Really feeling a lot of gratitude for how awesome my life gets to be right now, for all that has happened to get me here and all the things that I love that help me get through it all.  Big ups to the G O D on this one for sure... more updates to come soon!

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