06/01/2018 Superchief Gallery 6 Year Anniversary Show! NYC X LA X MIA

That's right, the MEGA ANNUAL GROUP SHOW is here at the Tri Lateral Superchief Empire respective headquarters, aka LA NYC and MIAMI! I am so stoked to have been down since 2013 and the movement moves on. I am showing a new but classic piece called Beautiful Future! Sumi Ink on Paper at the LA gallery. And here are some flyers for ya'll as well.... Stay weird you freaks.


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Traveling the Inseam of California

Winding through the outpost of the corporate empires. Fueled by the batteries of human machine flesh rubber heat gravel tar amoebic bio morphs. Loved by all who ramble down it's soft rolling spaghetti western landscape. Truckers take part in breaths of the pure spirit. Cowboys sit down on the hot road to become monks in the blazing sun. The clouds create empires and civilizations in the blink of an eye lost by the hawk's wing swells. Turn an eye to time here, as it it stands still yet the traffic moves through the dimensions at hand.

A few photos from our recent trip down the 5 to LA, and a studio shot of a work in progress.


Drawn Into Space.

Just wanted to post some art. Drawings, ideas, things I don't always post. I have been teaching a drawing class to a really cool student lately and it has me very inspired to draw more and post more. The reality of that initial conversation with the paper and pencil or pen, the initial barrage of thought and energy revealing itself onto a surface is the glue of the process for me in many ways. I want some day to just do a whole show of random idea drawings, sketches, stream of consciousness stuff all over the walls of a gallery. I have been having a multi personality wall in the studio lately, a period where I have done so much in so many veins that it is hard to refine it all to one unique vision, so I am having to work through it and see what the coherent linear thread is. Drawing in its rawest form is really the architecture for this process and I am happy to be able to share it all with you. Some of this work is a part of, or preliminary drawings, for my upcoming show at Runaway in Durham NC.

Byron Gesture.jpg
Tiffani gesture.jpg
Space Gesture Sketch.jpg
Armored Savior.jpg
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Print Release, Monday 03/19/2018, Noon, Light Power

I am releasing two prints with House of Roulx today at noon (eastern standard time). Two of my favorite works from my catalogue, Goddess and Grow Forward. There are 10 Hand Embellished Variants of Goddess, signed and numbered, 12 Standard Signed and Numbered prints of Grow Forward, and 3 more Hand Embellished Variants of Grow Forward also signed and numbered. These two pieces were both breakthrough works, and this print release is no different. I look forward to doing more and more of these as my work continues to grow. If you enjoy my work and are able, please do grab these prints as they are very limited and full of life and new energy.

The link to purchase at noon, 03/19/2018, est is ...




Superchief New York Giant Group Show X Juxtapoz Issue Release Party

I am at the airport right now headed to NYC. When I booked this ticket it was for my partner's birthday and also to peep some of the Armory show, BUT, BOOM, Superchief is also having a massive group show and a Juxtapoz issue release party one night after the other starting tomorrow, Friday 03/09/2018! The Saturday 03/10/2018 is the official show opening! Going to be nuts. I have been working with these guys since 2013 and I have to say, they are the future of so much that is art in the US and abroad. We are a movement, a community, a powerhouse of ideas and forward motion and insanity and I am so grateful to have been a part for over 5 years now. We are living in strange times and they continue to carry a torch through the darkness, with a huge squad to support that fire.

Please feel free to copy and paste this flyer and post.

Please feel free to copy and paste this flyer and post.

Superchief NY is located at 1628 Jefferson Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385, 

Their website is http://superchiefgallery.com

The pieces I will be showing are below. I can't wait to get to the clubhouse.

Hadouken, 9'x4', Painting on Found Wood Panel, 2017, $7000

Hadouken, 9'x4', Painting on Found Wood Panel, 2017, $7000

I painted the piece above, Hadouken, on a trip to NYC last year during a period of immense travel. It was one of my favorite moments of the 2017 and I am really happy to unveil it officially!

Been Grimm, 16"x22", Painting on Paper, 2017, $800

Been Grimm, 16"x22", Painting on Paper, 2017, $800

And this piece from my older show in Chelsea in 2015, From Here is also going to be up and broadcasting live...

Moment of Realization, 22"x22", Painting on Wood Panel, 2015 $800

Moment of Realization, 22"x22", Painting on Wood Panel, 2015 $800

Time Bandit

So I am going to continue to make myself write a piece and pair it with images. I have been thinking a lot lately about the temporal nature of existence against the reality that change is constant but our energy is infinite, I believe at least.


Portrait of Julie Moon, shot by John Felix Arnold III, 2013

Portrait of Julie Moon, shot by John Felix Arnold III, 2013

The Worm

A rhythmic writhing inside of the bellies of time,

The hunger growling's of a soul devoid of the acknowledgment of it's need to explore,

Gaining momentum as clarity becomes the gateway for an onslaught of beauty,

The hairs on the back of my neck stand up as the worm collects itself at intervals inside of my soul and the center of my chest,

The preparation for the compulsion become drive become open hearted connection,

The table of bounty strewn forth in shifting moments,

But still the pulsing energy of the worm,

Still the omnipresent power of creation finds its avenue from freneticism to calm fusion,

A see through shear cloth, pierced nipples and a smile of exhibitionist glee,

open to the fireworks of inspiration,

Smiles of clock blocking stop time and let the worm weave itself into itself,

I rip my stomach out and embrace the worm as my mind rises from my skull and fuses with the starry night sky,

Rising off the tarmac to greet the next challenge and find the next thread of raw power.


Winding Through Darkness, Nude Portrait, John Felix Arnold III, 2015

Winding Through Darkness, Nude Portrait, John Felix Arnold III, 2015

A Journey.

I have been keeping up with a changing world, a changing mind, changing emotions, and a changing landscape of relevance in a faster shifting universe. I haven't had a moment to sit down and focus on a year in review for 2017 and a look for 2018 but I will once I get the chance. Last year was powerful, it saw a shift in intent, practice, identity, purpose, internal demons come the fuel of work and the emergence of new energy for connection, and the scope of what I can accomplish and see in this world. Needless to say it was a year of lessons, it was a year of healing, a year of seeing, a year of discovery, a year of acceptance, and a year of moving forward as I aim to progress horizontally rather than vertically in the soup of humanity.  I want to revisit an art form I was once really into, the spoken and written word, and will try to post written material for you as regularly as possible from here on out. I have been thinking in terms of poetry and abstract thought assemblage to inform a narrative with images from my collection of experience so here. goes a first installment. This is about 2017...

Grow Forward (small).jpg

Limited Edition.

Nature Grains Scraping the Rapture of Good Sense,

Unloaded Time Clock Inflight Navigation Fiddles,

The Temporal Space against the Clock, to find a portion of Endlessness that Suits me,

Divorced from Self Pity and asking to be removed of Self Seeking Motives,

Drowning in the Light of a Bathed Child,

Nurturing Thought amongst the Incompetence of Ego,

Fly Solo but Always Missing and Loving Partners in the Dramatic Screenplay of Times Embrace,

Kanye West and Hospital Floors Dripping in Fluids of Shakier Times,

The Sun Creeping in Through Windows while Fresh Thoughts of What Can I do rather than What Must I Do begin to swirl with a Reckoning of Spirit through my Blood,

Old Man Logan Ain't Coming Round Here No More, But He is Never Really Gone,

A Love Found in Freedom and Movement Parallel to none Before,

Solace Found in Smells and Sizzles of Mixed Chopped Salty Goodness,

Solace Found in the Flesh of I Just Met You and our Magnetism is Made for Right Now,

Solace Found in the Laughs and Smiles and Glimmers of those Perfect Moments Set Free from Time's U-Lock,

A Vehicle for Growth Finds it's Transitory Ticket Holder Whose Roots are Strong Enough to be torn up yet never forget the Soil They Come From,

I just Want to find the Best Plate of Stewed Pork Leg so I can Give it Another Wanderer Whose Purpose is so Clear.

Tiffani gesture.jpg




Photos from Journey's

Once in a while I find myself going through some old folders in my computer looking for images of art work to send to collectors, press folks, curators, friends, countrymen and women, you know, all the peoples. When i find myself doing that I usually discover some old photos I had long since forgotten, or find myself immersed in an experience I had not thought of in some time as the lens opens up a whole world of time and place.  Here are some images I happened upon while searching for pictures for an upcoming Bloody Gums Portrait show.

Osaka, 2012

Osaka, 2012

Brooklyn 2009

Brooklyn 2009

San Francisco, 2013

San Francisco, 2013

Pomona, 2016

Pomona, 2016

San Francisco, 2016

San Francisco, 2016

Oakland, 2012

Oakland, 2012

Store is Up in Time for New Years!

Hello everyone. My pursuit of making art and realizing projects has always been at the forefront of my practice. The pursuit of exploring the world, the journey inward and outward, the constant immersion of experience, the communication of the evolution of seeing the world around me, has always been my first love and focus. After a lot of thought and slow intentional work towards this, I finally decided it is imperative to create a platform in this age, where the ease of connection exists at our fingertips, to acquire works from me with the push of button.  I am happy to announce that my store through Big Cartel is officially stocked with paintings large and small, two prints, and two small drawings. Most of the works available include free shipping and handling inside the USA until New Years 2018. Work for serious collectors, art lovers of any budget, and gift givers. I will soon have a section for commission requests, upcoming zines and prints, and sections of drawings and smaller works available. I want as many people to be able to have pieces as possible from this mission I am on.  There is a lot of resonance and energy and history in each individual piece, and we are really just getting started.  Please let me know if there are any works from my past catalogue on my website that you may be interested in the event it is available and just hasn't made it to the store. There will be momentary specials as well so please check in often. It feels good to have this up and offering these works to connect with the right people, collections, and homes. Enjoy.

And hereeee we goooooo....

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 3.53.24 PM.png

The Holidays Are Here...

The air is chilly the leaves have fallen, new studio on lock and winter is callin'.   I finally opened my online store this past month. Starting small, nothing major yet. There are a few pieces for sale, with free shipping and handling within the continental USA right now. I will be upgrading it next week in time for a last round of holiday gift availability. The store will be worked on steadily starting in the new year so look for more.  Please visit  johnfelixarnoldiii.bigcartel.com to check it out. 

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