Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol. 1 December 3rd 2010

Finally everything is on lock!  Here is the Press Release and Flyer.  Friday December 3rd 2010 at Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery, Oakland, CA. Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol.1 Press Release


Media Contacts Terry at Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery and John Felix Arnold III




Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery Presents

Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol. 1

New and Collaborative Works By John Felix Arnold III, D Young V, and Christopher Burch


Opening Reception: Friday, December 3, 2010 7-11pm

Exhibition Dates: December 3, 2010 – January 5, 2011


Oakland-December 4th, 2010- Old Crow is pleased to announce Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol. 1, an exhibition of new and collaborative works by John Felix Arnold III, Christopher Burch, and David Young V. Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol. 1 expresses the need for collaboration and the sharing of ideas to create a platform for creative survival. This event is highly anticipated as it marks the artists’ first show together since the closing of Babylon Falling in 2008. It will showcase a multi media explosion of new work, at the heart of which lay collaborative efforts in drawing, painting, installation, and sound. The work for this show confronts the idea of an inevitable reset of society, depicting future events that bring this about, and illustrates members and events within this new society itself. An opening reception will be held at Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery in Oakland, CA on Friday December 3rd, 2010 from 7-11pm and the exhibition will run through January 5th, 2011.

All three bodies of work exhibit an intense sense of cataclysm, hope and drive in the face of dark new beginnings, rebirth, reuse, and evolution through adaptation and creative thinking. The show will be set in an installation depicting this future world, much like that of a history museum display. Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol. 1 is a fully collaborative, mixed media event where all three artists converge as would be survivors of this afterworld to tell their story of what happened, what is happening, and how they perceive it through their distinct visual languages.

John Felix Arnold III was born in Durham, North Carolina in 1980, and currently works as an artist and designer in San Francisco, CA. He graduated from Pratt Institute in 2002 with a BFA in Communication Design. He depicts the complex connections, flow and inter-workings of movement, imagery, sound, feeling, emotion, and perception of everyday life and time spans with highly detailed morphing, amoebic forms called Astroknots. He shows internationally and most recently was featured in Best of the Bay‘s 2010 show , A Decade With No Name, in Oakland, CA. For more information please go to http://felixthethirdrock.com/

His new work explores personal accounts of the turning of humanity through portraiture and epic visual narratives. While still documenting the Astroknots themselves on found objects, his works on paper delve into the memories and perspectives of the survivors of this world, echoing his own feelings, thoughts, and visions on the tumultuous and unpredictable age we live in. He will also be releasing a self produced soundtrack/ E.P. titled “Press to Continue” to guide viewers aurally through the experience of Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol. 1.

David Young V is a pen and ink artist currently working out of San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. Influenced by wheat pastes and graffiti, his monochromatic drawings might be mistaken as a stencil from afar. With a closer look, the extent of his penmanship becomes obvious. His line work is meticulously detailed, illuminating every stroke and process of the piece. D Young V has a BFA in Fine Arts from Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY and a MFA in Painting from the Academy Of Art, San Francisco, CA. For more information please go to http://www.dyoungv.com/

Keeping with the tradition of his current series Live Forever, David Young V (D Young V) will be portraying a much darker version of his current world. Focusing less on the cultural or militaristic specifics of this world, he will be portraying work from a more personal and psychological state of things. Thus allowing the viewer to gain a deeper and more emotional view into the world being created through his work.

Christopher Burch, St. Louis Missouri. Christopher received his BFA from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri in 2002, and his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2008.

Christopher's, aim is to create a visual language that captures the ectoplasmic echoes existing between laughter and death, the space between erasure and presence, the conflict between the singularity and multiplicity, the uncanny ability of the comedic to show the vulnerable, the horrific, the morbid, the schizophrenic, and the ghostly, all at the same blurring moment in time. For more information go to http://vimeo.com/4284042

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