: Unstoppable Tomorrow :

The Journey Continues...and then there was Art Basel Miami.


DSC_1132 I am sitting on a couch in Raleigh, North Carolina typing to you post Bojangles Chicken Fillet Biscuit Combo meal and watching Constantine on HBO.  Not a bad life. Actually compared to how life was at one point, an extremely fortunate situation to be in.  Anyway, I successfully made my way from California's SFO Airport, with the early morning, rain covered, traffic jammed help of my love Julie Moon, to Raleigh-Durham's RDU airport at the very beginning of this month of December 2014.  2014 has been amazing, a exhausting, and hard fought, and full of love and opportunity and forward movement. Anyway, I ate my last In N Out burger meal in Cali for a while on the night of December 1st, and got to NC, then got back on a plane to go to Miami, did Art Basel for the the first time, and just now finally had my inaugural Bojangles welcome home meal.  To say the least, after 8 years in the Bay Area, it feels very good to be back on the East Coast indeed.  I will soon journey back to NYC to live, and begin the next big chapter of life, sobriety, and art making.


Art Basel was, well, like nothing I have ever experienced nor seen before.  I can't even really begin to explain it nor truly even gather the right analysis and stream of thoughts about it now for it was something that was so new to me that it will take some digestion.  It was, above all things though, fun.  An adventure. Here are some photos to satisfy the curiosities of those who have never been and would like to go or those just wondering what the hell my experience there was like.  I am only going to post a few as I am working on a larger story for a media outlet and my own blog here, but rest assured the thoughts and memory will come at you full force soon.  Call this a teaser...