Universal Truths

Raphael, Portrait of Maddalena Strozzi Doni, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Lucid Halucinatory Meditative Experiences, Time Travel of the Mind

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Time Travel in the Mind) Thank you Raphael

A lot of things are coming up all at once right now, well maybe not all at once, but spread out over about eight weeks.  This piece above happened like this.  I say that to start because "Sacred Geometry" in all of its glory has unfortunately become a fad, a "cool" thing, and Doze is probably already rolling over in his grave to be, so I want to be clear that this wasn't inspired because I picked up a book about sacred geometric designs or saw it in a tattoo or something, this is an organic tale.  I honestly do not know anything about Sacred Geometry yet, at least the sacred geometry in books and researched, except that all things in nature have geometric forms that exist in them like architecture and that ties into universal law and physics and stuff. But my friend Chris Burch tonight told me that that is what I had drawn.  It makes sense now and here is why.  I have had a lot of journeys and visions or lucid hallucinations in my meditative experiences in the last few years.  The geometric portal above is the one way I was able to describe the movement and threshold and path I explored in one of these experiences in Japan last year.

So the other night I was sitting around drawing, and I drew it, it happened completely organically, it came from my subconscious, and it is something I actually experienced on multiple planes of being while deep in a transcendental state in an ancient temple in Japan.  I got the drawing or architecture of this portal down on paper without thinking about it really, it happened through my hand and muscle memory from a different dimension recreating this path for my eyes in this physical reality to look at and consider and remember in a nostalgic yet foreshadowing way.  I call this the God channel, the God Degree, the Conduit, the Universal Flow.  Then last night I was looking through a book of Raphael paintings and drawings and stumbled upon this beautiful plate of Maddalena Strozzi Doni.  Without really analyzing it, I just picked up a pencil, went and got the small drawing and just started drawing the Raphael image.  It was a beautiful moment.  Something in the portrait, in the face and the structure and feeling brought me into this portal and it really was this sudden epiphany that the two needed to speak, needed to be woven together and embrace one another, they are the same and so important to one another in so many ways.  They were meant to be.  I felt as I drew like I was remembering who I am from a foundational level and journeying into new realms as the person I am now in the the present, bringing these facets of self together and also letting them exist in different times, all the while honing technique and my vehicle for creative travel, feeling fully, letting my immersion into emotion and serenity be guided by the tones and movements and motions of my pencil, and also going back in history to the Renaissance bridging the spirit of creation from them until now.  I found myself traveling through time, in multiple planes at once, calling on guides and memories that aid me in something much bigger than me.  So I hope this explains to you why this is so important to me.  I experienced all of this organically, it is all rooted in my life experience spanning 34 years on this planet here in this physical reality thus far, though I know my essence has been in existence on a scale I can't yet comprehend, and will go on in a way I know not yet after this body is finished.  It is a union and celebration of the affirmation that we all are part these portals and universal movements, Raphael saw them and traveled through them too, maybe he found me deep in his plane of thought and feeling and experience once while I he was creating his portrait of Maddalena.  Maybe we found one another through the time travel of the mind, showing us that time is a gift, and is nothing and everything at the same moment. Stay present folks, and enjoy your nostalgia.  This shit is important to me.  Come see this and so much more on October 3rd at FFDG in the Mission, before I move back to NYC!  Experience everything you can, make Ansel Adams proud!