And We Begin a New Journey.

I'm sitting in a cafe eating a bagel and cream cheese in the LES in New York City, and I'm ready to write a long So the past few months have been a serious chain of really rich, beautiful, inspiring developments artistically and just in general life and growth terms for the old John Felix Arnold III.  Ever since the frustration felt with Queens Nail Projects and the tenacity and heart and love I put into "The Love of All the Above" I have found myself continually being in action rather than reaction.  I have been making new work consistently, moving from old crutches in the visual plane into new ways of thinking, refining, expressing, and making connections on a larger scale of time for the next few years than I really ever imagined I would be able to.  My concept of time and space has become malleable, not restrictive but more like a beautiful puzzle or equation that I am continually finding ways to reconfigure and allow myself the freedom of thought and growth on different dimensions of perspective while remaining right here present on the earth and move steadily forward in "reality".  I am starting to see the world of Unstoppable Tomorrow in many inner connected phases with the shows I want to create all addressing different aspects of what it is to be human and how we in the here and now are developing as a species and culture by exploring simplicity and the ability to rethink and move on in my apocalyptic future setting.  Needless to say that through the developments of my art my personal life has been experiencing some of the healthiest changes I have felt and vice versa I guess I can say as well.  Understanding when the time is right to step back and be grateful, when it is right to show affection and love, how to experience from others, while retaining the relentless, animal nature for working and getting things I want to make happen accomplished, but with a higher sense collaboration and a more open ear.  Anyway, the work I have been making really symbolizes this to me right now and the projects I have coming up , like Old Crow in July at Old Crow really seem to be addressing these huge shifts in a man who used to be in a sense blinded by the intensity of the world around him.  My eyes are open and I can smell you all, in the best way possible.

Back from TV Land, well not really...but I'm back.

I am flying out to New York city in ten days! TEN DAYS!  So all my NYC people get ready.  Life is really chugging along, sometimes too fast, but I would have that over too slow any day.  Last week I had the grand opportunity of going to Harbin Hot Springs in Northern Cali with a friend and enjoyed a great night of relaxation before getting down to brass tacks for NYC, Old Crow, and then Japan on the horizon.

The next day we went to Sacramento to hang out with none other than the Skinner man himself and check out some new work he was doing, as well as pick up the pieces that are going to be shipped to NYC for the opening of our new gallery ArtNowNY in Chelsea on June 7th.

I am getting ready to go in over here on my press release for Old Crow and I promise you all this will nto be a show to be missed.  I have three of the larger pieces finished, and will be getting revved up on some sculptural work before I depart as well as some paper jams.

I am also incredibly excited to announce that I have officially booked my ticket for Japan July 16th, two days after Old Crow and will be flying out to begin tour with my buddies in Ken South Rock.  This is a lot to swallow most definitely and i will be updating along the way.  Please enjoy some awesome photos of Japanther (who played at the Hemlock last Tuesday) Skinner, and the new work going to NYC in parting.  I'll check in with ya later  in the week I hopes. -John Felix Arnold III