Drawn Into Space.

Just wanted to post some art. Drawings, ideas, things I don't always post. I have been teaching a drawing class to a really cool student lately and it has me very inspired to draw more and post more. The reality of that initial conversation with the paper and pencil or pen, the initial barrage of thought and energy revealing itself onto a surface is the glue of the process for me in many ways. I want some day to just do a whole show of random idea drawings, sketches, stream of consciousness stuff all over the walls of a gallery. I have been having a multi personality wall in the studio lately, a period where I have done so much in so many veins that it is hard to refine it all to one unique vision, so I am having to work through it and see what the coherent linear thread is. Drawing in its rawest form is really the architecture for this process and I am happy to be able to share it all with you. Some of this work is a part of, or preliminary drawings, for my upcoming show at Runaway in Durham NC.

Byron Gesture.jpg
Tiffani gesture.jpg
Space Gesture Sketch.jpg
Armored Savior.jpg
Peering into Everything Book.jpg