More Than Just Time

I will be leaving to go to Denver on September 8th, less than two weeks from now.  Damn, it's been a whole summer already. I have been back from the East Coast since the end of February and I feel like a lifetime has passed by.  I am very happy with the work that is going to be show at my project space solo with Black Book Gallery, and very curious to see how people connect with it.  It finds much more simplicity, to me a new sense of clarity, and a certain meditative vibe to the whole endeavor... I will post more soon.. More Than Just Time EFlyer 2

Beautiful New Life Commission!

Some good friends of mine commissioned me to paint the mother to be of the couple before she gave birth to their beautiful daughter.  Here is the finished piece! I am very, very, very honored to have painted it and proud of the result!  One of the coolest commissions and pieces I have ever made.  I would love to do this sort of thing more often, creating works of art about creating life is pretty much the most perfect chain of events and things I get to do with my talents that I can think of!  Much Love and Big Life to All! Pregnancy Shot WithChild