New Work

Upcoming Experiences!

Excited to announce that I am going to have a piece in the upcoming Stephanie Chefas Projects Group Show entitled "Selfie". I will be dropping a new piece entitled "Alignment" next week on social media which will be represented in the show.  I wrote an insightful, albeit thorough (as fuck haha) paragraph about the context for the piece and for where I seem to have found myself these days. 'In the last year of self discovery many moments have seemed to engulf me in their fullness and seeming unending intensity.  The truth is that feelings, thoughts, states of being whether it be fear, joy, uplifting momentum, painful drowning, relief, darkness, amazement all are simply temporary moments within our humanity and our connection with the universal and one another.  No state of being is a forever moment, I feel that even death in the end is simply a doorway to another dimension or state of our energies path through time and space. I have ebbed and flowed through some very intense pockets of being that at times felt permanent, or unending in the last year.  I have worked through ghosts and the effects of my own past that finally were meant to be unwoven and dissected and confronted.  And always with every stage and step a larger feeling of connection and a vision of the balance of the spiritual center amidst all things, one entity yet part of all entities is what I can see and feel.  This piece is truly a self portrait of being and perception at the convergence of so many different elements of existence. It encompasses a visualization of the unseeable as well as tangible aspects of being, not consumed by any one feeling or way or thought.  Just a moment amidst the intersecting energies and landscapes of the soul and psyche to see the beauty of it all in alignment, of it all just as it is meant to be at this certain moment. A freeze frame of all that makes up the passing of time and my place in the forever undulating universal architecture of energy.  Even Tetsuo's rebirth was not a place of permanent pain, but a doorway to let his unending explosion of energy become right sized and fluid in a new state of existence, in the next dimension and stage of his alignment.' -JFA III

Also I will be having a yet another new piece showing with the wild animals of Good Mother Gallery in Oakland.


Back from TV Land, well not really...but I'm back.

I am flying out to New York city in ten days! TEN DAYS!  So all my NYC people get ready.  Life is really chugging along, sometimes too fast, but I would have that over too slow any day.  Last week I had the grand opportunity of going to Harbin Hot Springs in Northern Cali with a friend and enjoyed a great night of relaxation before getting down to brass tacks for NYC, Old Crow, and then Japan on the horizon.

The next day we went to Sacramento to hang out with none other than the Skinner man himself and check out some new work he was doing, as well as pick up the pieces that are going to be shipped to NYC for the opening of our new gallery ArtNowNY in Chelsea on June 7th.

I am getting ready to go in over here on my press release for Old Crow and I promise you all this will nto be a show to be missed.  I have three of the larger pieces finished, and will be getting revved up on some sculptural work before I depart as well as some paper jams.

I am also incredibly excited to announce that I have officially booked my ticket for Japan July 16th, two days after Old Crow and will be flying out to begin tour with my buddies in Ken South Rock.  This is a lot to swallow most definitely and i will be updating along the way.  Please enjoy some awesome photos of Japanther (who played at the Hemlock last Tuesday) Skinner, and the new work going to NYC in parting.  I'll check in with ya later  in the week I hopes. -John Felix Arnold III