New Stuff

Heading to Minneapolis....

...for work.  My full time hustle is bringing me to a new city I have yet to explore.  I look forward to making some new connections, checking out some new galleries, and also starting a new body of work for 2013/2014.  I am pretty excited actually, this year seems to be all about travel and new experiences so I am jumping in the wind and going with it.  I'll also have time to be bringing some more extensive updates on the past few months while I am there so look out for new, in depth posts on everything from Japanese Ramen Shops, my last days in Tokyo, getting ready for the SFMOMA opening, building a new installation for the up and coming Eye of the Tiger Tattoo Shop in the Sunset, and more... Much Love-Felix

IMG_4158Kanae in Nezu checking out the Sketchbook.  April 2013.