A Journey.

I have been keeping up with a changing world, a changing mind, changing emotions, and a changing landscape of relevance in a faster shifting universe. I haven't had a moment to sit down and focus on a year in review for 2017 and a look for 2018 but I will once I get the chance. Last year was powerful, it saw a shift in intent, practice, identity, purpose, internal demons come the fuel of work and the emergence of new energy for connection, and the scope of what I can accomplish and see in this world. Needless to say it was a year of lessons, it was a year of healing, a year of seeing, a year of discovery, a year of acceptance, and a year of moving forward as I aim to progress horizontally rather than vertically in the soup of humanity.  I want to revisit an art form I was once really into, the spoken and written word, and will try to post written material for you as regularly as possible from here on out. I have been thinking in terms of poetry and abstract thought assemblage to inform a narrative with images from my collection of experience so here. goes a first installment. This is about 2017...

Grow Forward (small).jpg

Limited Edition.

Nature Grains Scraping the Rapture of Good Sense,

Unloaded Time Clock Inflight Navigation Fiddles,

The Temporal Space against the Clock, to find a portion of Endlessness that Suits me,

Divorced from Self Pity and asking to be removed of Self Seeking Motives,

Drowning in the Light of a Bathed Child,

Nurturing Thought amongst the Incompetence of Ego,

Fly Solo but Always Missing and Loving Partners in the Dramatic Screenplay of Times Embrace,

Kanye West and Hospital Floors Dripping in Fluids of Shakier Times,

The Sun Creeping in Through Windows while Fresh Thoughts of What Can I do rather than What Must I Do begin to swirl with a Reckoning of Spirit through my Blood,

Old Man Logan Ain't Coming Round Here No More, But He is Never Really Gone,

A Love Found in Freedom and Movement Parallel to none Before,

Solace Found in Smells and Sizzles of Mixed Chopped Salty Goodness,

Solace Found in the Flesh of I Just Met You and our Magnetism is Made for Right Now,

Solace Found in the Laughs and Smiles and Glimmers of those Perfect Moments Set Free from Time's U-Lock,

A Vehicle for Growth Finds it's Transitory Ticket Holder Whose Roots are Strong Enough to be torn up yet never forget the Soil They Come From,

I just Want to find the Best Plate of Stewed Pork Leg so I can Give it Another Wanderer Whose Purpose is so Clear.

Tiffani gesture.jpg