: Unstoppable Tomorrow :

Saturday 06-06-2015


The feelings that come with making art, the push and pull, the life experiences spewing forth onto the paper or wood or canvas or being made into sculpture or installation etc can be very mighty.  They can be intense overwhelming, sometimes even cause a certain sense of shock that requires a moment of rest after their culmination.  I went extremely hard, like I was being a channel for some universal energy for years, hell I still am in the channel and I still go hard.  But what I have found since my rather traumatic albeit eye opening experience of going back east and coming to some personal realizations about my place in things, is that the moments of gestation, of mental and spiritual digestion of all these life experiences are very important.  To reflect and refocus and reassess and then move forward carefully is a point I have found myself in.  As a recovering addict/alcoholic and artist I often want things now now now so to speak, I have found that with age and wisdom comes the necessity of learning how to pace ones self so as not to combust or run ones energy raw.  The work I have been making, and my slow moving urges and thoughts about finally embarking into found object assemblage have been evidence of this for me lately.  I am so blessed to have a life that I am afforded the time to just be and think and find my center.  Just some thoughts for the day. Rakushisha VisionNew Painting for Black Book Gallery for my September show.  "Rakushisha Vision" 22"x22" Acrylic, Spray Paint, and Oil Pastel on Wood Panel.