This is my new interpretation of a post apocalyptic Raijin created by the scribe of the The Scourge in the saga of Unstoppable Tomorrow.  Birthed from the carnage and idol worship of this divergent tribe, The Scourge has chosen to embrace their blindness, ignorance, rage, fear, denial, and stubbornness.  They are mutating and evolving into a state of animalistic regression and blood lust.  A place of power hunger and force as the desolate world around them and those they encounter continue to scream and rot in their presence... RaijinRaijin the Scourge : 24"x24" Mixed Media on Wood Panel : 2013

Historically Raijin is a force of nature and part of the Japanese Buddhist lexicon of spirits, elementals, and deities.  He is one of two guardians of the Buddha itself, and has been assigned as the god of lightning.  Here Raijin has taken a turn with reference to the Scourge.  The depiction, crude, bizarre, amorphous and abstract is produced by the scribe of the Scourge tribe so it in no way is a literal visualization of Raijin.  It is instead a visualization of an actual Astroknot that came crashing through with lighting and electricity exploding from its guts.  The icon is meant to instill a  feeling of pure wrath and objective destruction that reigns chaos upon those in its grasp.  This neo interpretation of Raijin is an ever roving, undulating, god sized hurricane of devouring expansion and chaos.  Stay tuned for further updates about the Scourge.