New York City Summer Love

I have been in New York for the past four days.  This has been perhaps one of the most serendipitous and rad trips back to NYC in a long time.  I have seen some of my closest friends, I have made some random new connections with some wonderful, solid new people that I see being able to exist in a long time dialogue with, and it has been a lot of fun being back in the humid swampy fun that is New York city during 4th of July.  It has been amazing.  More to come! 2013-07-05 17.20.44 2013-07-07 12.28.41

2013-07-04 21.15.46

2013-07-06 19.20.52

2013-07-06 20.26.30

2013-07-07 01.54.08

2013-07-07 12.51.14