Leaving Tokyo, NRT to SFO!

This has been undoubtedly the most amazing trip and adventure of my life!  We rocked the art shows, the live performance at Shinjuku JAM and I was able to experience Japan on many levels for my first time.  This is a truly amazing place and I feel honored to have been helped even in the small capacity that I was able.  I will be planning on coming back as soon as I can to continue the dialogue that has been started with so many amazing people, places, things, and history here.  I sadly have to say that it is time to go to Narita Airport now, but here begins the opportunity to reflect and make art that communicates the process of building that has begun here in Japan.  I would especially like to thank Frankie and Emi for their amazing hospitality, Kyoko (and all of her Bar USA.gi Cru), Hori, Junko, and Isaac (North Carolina stand up!) and Ichy (Ichy's Gallery) for making it all happen on the ground in Tokyo well before I arrived, Alani, Tracy, AKS, and Yoshi (the NY cru) for making Tokyo feel like home and showing me the most amazing time, Ken Minami, Chiaki, and Shinjuku JAM giving us the opportunity to rock out with a live performance (Ken's band Ken South Rock will be back in the US soon as well, they are absolutely amazing),and of course the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) for taking us all around Kansai at light speed! Art for People Art for Japan!