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Language of Memory


Time has been flying by. I have some major announcements to make.  First off, Andrew Kline and I have been working on a massive new show to debut at Superchief Gallery LA on November 12th, 2016. We have been working hard to bring you an immersive art, sound, and installation experience taking you through a future world where samples and visual reference from today have become the foundation of a society in the world of Unstoppable Tomorrow. It is also a conceptual exploration of shared reference creating a unifying but also very singular experience.

here are some works

Goddess low res

Goddess 12"x12" House Paint, Oil Pastel, Pencil, Acrylic Lacquer on Wood Panel

Split Tales low res

Split Tales, 2'x4' House Paint, Acrylic Lacquer, Acrylic Paint, Soft Pastel, Oil Pastel, Pencil on Wood Panel

Time Signature low res

Time Signature 12"x12" House Paint, Spray Paint, Acrylic Lacquer, pencil on Wood Panel

The Story of Life low res

Story of Life 24"x27" Spray Paint, House Paint, Acrylic Paint, Soft Pastel, Oil Pastel, Tempera, Pencil, Acrylic Lacquer on Wood Panel

I will be in LA living at Superchief for two months working on the installations leading up to the show. Get ready for some awesome documentation.

In other news, this website hosted by Bits & Bristles will unfortunately be coming down in October. I am working to get a new site up by then so please bare with me in the interim as I will be transferring the name over to a temporary blog style site due to time constraints.

Thank you for all your support. If you would like a preview of the show works and are interested in purchasing send me a comment or email to and I will connect you with the good people at Superchief as well as supply you with any info you need from my end.

Much Love and thank you to all for your support!