IPD...And this Shall be a Year to Witness.

So yes, for those of you who read the last post I say thank you.  It felt good to get that out to the world.  So to continue on, last night saw an amazing birthday celebration, and the Unstoppable Death Machines with Laughters played a killer show at Michael Broberg's LeQuivive for my B-Day!  I am super blessed to have amazing friends all over the globe who are talented as hell!  Immediately coming up I am working on some things for SFMOMA, specifically the last painting for the three windows to begin in June.  It feels good to be pretty far ahead of the schedule and on the last one so that Japan can come and go off with out the stress of finishing the MOMA work when I get back.IMG_0907 I recently met two very cool art models that happily and generously offered their time and modeling skills for me to use as reference for the upcoming work I am creating.  I am choosing from the photo shoot I recently did with them the image I will use as reference for this third piece to go in the SFMOMA.  They are very good folks and I will gladly pass on their reference material to anyone who would like to contact them! The images in this post are for reference for upcoming work and are not to be used by anyone but myself or the models herein without our permission.

IMG_1145So yeah, these images are super crazy and I can't wait to bring one through brush work into this next big old 8 foot tall painting I have ready to go in my studio...

IMG_1187And with that, see you next time!