"Hereesss Johnny!"

Alright everybody!!!! Finally I have entered the world-wide web again.  This is my first official site since my destro80.com site went down in 2004.  Good to have a platform again and be out there bringing people fresh artwork and meeting folks around the globe.  I have been busting hump lately getting ready for a series of group shows I am in this fall.  The first being an homage to Jenny Holzer on Oct. 16th and the second being an homage to Wes Anderson on Oct. 29th.  The big push though is for a show I have been working on for sometime now.  It is a follow-up to last years "Astroknots 3: The World of Future Antiquity".  It is called "Unstoppable Tomorrow" and opens Dec.4th at Old Crow in Oakland.

I was recently in Best of the Bay 2010, which was awesome.  Felt good to work with all the folks involved.  Big up to Ken, Joanie, and Eddie for putting that together!!!  I am posting some new work that will be seen in the flesh soon, just wanted to give y'all some eye candy in the interim, good to be back out here in web land.  Check it...This piece is called "Unparalleled", though the name might change.  It is the first in a series of larger work and is a serious step for the "Astroknots" which I have been working on since 2004.  The world I have been creating has really been expanding and growing and evolving.  Looking forward to Decembers "Unstoppable Tomorrow" show at Old Crow where David Young V, Eddie Colla and I get to weave our visual worlds together in a large scale collaborative effort.  Will be epic.

This is another piece that is going into the "Unstoppable Tomorrow" show.  Working with Terry at Old Crow last December was a great experience, so I am really excited to get rockin' on some larger ideas that we had last year.  Great to bring the other two soldiers (Eddie and Dave) with me on this mission.  Dave and I have been working on pieces based upon each other's work here and there, and we finally get to exhibit them in "Unstoppable Tomorrow".  I have really been growing a lot through this experience, getting back into color and a much more experimental, unrestricted way of making art.  Kind of coming full circle to sensibilities I was exploring back In NYC before I moved to the Bay in 2006.I'll end this post with this piece.  It is called "The Possession", and was a hell of a lot of fun to make.  Palette knife, spray paint, collage, screen printing, white out pent, and more. More to come soon as I learn how to work with Wordpress and trick this puppy out! I always appreciate any feedback, good, bad, ugly, whatever!  Till next time. -Felix the Third 2010