: Unstoppable Tomorrow :

Back in the Studio

Armor Studies

A new wave of thoughts and inspiration hit me recently. Contemplating a lot things having to do with a certain level of self acceptance and worth after a lot of hard work last year I have finally found myself re-discovering subject matter and ways of working and thinking and seeing that I find a lot of comfort and joy in.  And at the same time these child like or comforting tropes find there way into this new language, a re-investigation of aspects of my life and influences I love. Digging into the ideas of armor, of attaching meaning to old icons like Gundam and trans formers, Wolverine and Psylocke, Hokusai and Matisse.  Drawing as if in a notebook, exploring eighties manga lettering again, happy to re-discover these things that have always made me , well, happy, and to just immerse my adult self after a lot of hard growth back into a world where they are constant reminders of my own mythology and positive references that I can latch onto in a healthy way.  These sorts of things help, much like Unstoppable Tomorrow, to continue to look at those things that cause me tension as I work through them as well in my art.  Current status, feeling pretty good.

2016-02-11 17.40.45