I am not going to front, Alzheimers is a brutal disease, a destroyer of so much of the balance of life we come to find as we grow older. It comes in raging like a wild runaway truck on fire exploding over and over again only to run head first into a wall and sit dormant until it explodes in motion again. And that is simply on the daily. I am growing accustomed to constant back and forth from West to East Coast at this point, but in all honesty really looking forward to having some aspects of part in all this in concrete so that I can get in the studio on a regular basis and let the art work pour out as I navigate this utterly overwhelming and truly earth shattering reality. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and continues to support me. I really can’t keep doing this without you, and now that I am in a support role to a parent I cannot express how much it means to have others who are there for me and my practice. More to come. Wanted to check on the real.

Memory Transmitter.jpg