: Unstoppable Tomorrow :

Fear of Everything Can Be Nothing, Anxiety be Damned

Orator of Destruction.jpg

No steps on the bus stop too heavy,

No weight inside of a word light enough,

No tendrils of paralysis left untethered,

No wind weak enough to burn the eyes from self conscious ego,

A timely decision to get involved,

A rugged terrain,

Through waves of anxious noxiousness,

Through dependence on outer limit circumstance for validation an verification,

Through a shrill note of absolute confusion,

Paying it forward,

With every step into Mummra's strange cave of scary ass shit,

Finding purpose in nothingness,

No destination,

Know destination,

Untold stories of absolute strength and power sometimes come in packages you never knew,

We stand mighty,

Against times anarchic frenzy,

Making the way our own,

As best we can.

Reclining Buddha V3.jpg