: Unstoppable Tomorrow :

Looking back, now, and forward.

Armor Bits Falling.jpg

I have made a lot of art. I have made a lot of art that meant a lot to me and that I found to be next level, but has not really had much of a response amongst my audience. I have likewise made things that a lot of people seem to love and I myself am into but don't find that next level depth in and can just sort of enjoy as a pretty picture over time, nothing wrong with that. Then there are the pieces that seem to sync up with all of it. The universe surrounds excites and we all lift up in a movement from the connection. 

Here are some works I haven't show a whole lot that seem to have done all three.

Where Darkness Lurks.jpg
Surrender into Freedom.jpg
Heroine .jpg
Armored Savior.jpg
All Wrapped Up With No Where to Go.jpg