The Schizophrenia Of Displacement

I returned from Thailand to a bizarre situation with my place in Oakland. A landlord who is absolutely unable to be a stand up human being, and a timeline of work and movement that is demanding. I have been finding my self in a schizophrenia of choice, of not knowing which movement to make first, of not knowing how much or little to care, to put forth, to step forward or hold fast. It is a bizarre feeling, displacement, and one I have become almost numb to over time. Oakland and it's surrounding Bay Area has become a hot bed and example of mass displacement in America with camps lining up akin to LA's Skid Row as the numbers rise of situations where greed and unfair housing situations create contempt, and the opposite of compassion and pain. I am lucky that I have options and that I have been planning on exploring other possibilities for some time, but none the less the feeling of not knowing what a property owners next bizarre move or tactic in a shameful and uncommunicative chain of events will be is unsettling. 

I am very grateful to have worked hard as I have been in recovery and rebuilding life fort he last 6 years to have a strong foundation of support. Internally it does come in waves though. I know many artists will outwardly not speak about their personally lives on their social media, but my life's occurrences and experiences do inform my art and my thoughts and feelings. So It's time to set up more work in this cold weird dying house and start adding some language to the world's conversation. At least that way it will be documented in the spiritual world as well as the legal.

Stay strong, be flexible, and never break to all those being displaced.