I have been working on my last painting for the "The City We Love Show" at 941 Geary in August as well as new work for the Dark Matter show in August.  Both shows are here in San Francisco.  I am really enjoying getting loose with paint and bringing back some good, expressive figurative drawing work.  As well as exploring new conceptual matter that all adds in to the unstoppable Tomorrow future world, but creating a voice on the here and now as well as a would be lead in too my future world.  Nuff said, here are some ruff images int he works.  Be warned too i will be working on a few small conceptual installations for Dark Matter.  Also in closing the original of the Tomahawk that I used for the board for Brackish Co. will be displayed at Dark Matter with a brief explanation of why I feel a Tomahawk contains a personality and narrative worthy of being in "Dark Matter" or on a snowboard. The it's off to Japan...

Untitled as of Yet, in progress. Mixed Media on Wood Panel 8'x4'

Tickling in Darkness 30"x22" Mixed Media on paper 2011

Easy to Clean 30"x22" Mixed Media on Paper 2011

Young Grabbables 9"x6" Grease Pencil on Wood Panel 2011

Laughter Tears 24"x16" Mixed Media on Found Wood Panel

Burnt Geometry Rebuild.  6"x6"x6" Found Object Sculpture 2011

National League 30"x22" Mixed Media in Progress 2011

Unparalleled 50"x50" Sumi Ink on Paper 2010